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Comunicación - App de la Ertzaintza

Ertzaintza App

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A new app is now available for citizens to have permanent channels of communication with the Ertzaintza using any mobile device. Citizen collaboration is a very important factor which we would like to reinforce so as to offer a high quality, fast and reliable service.

The main screen shows the 8 main features offered by the application.

  • Police stations: find the nearest police station.
  • Emergency: emergency call and location.
  • Contact: in non-emergency situations.
  • Collaborate: send information anonymously.
  • News: see Ertzaintza press releases.
  • Advice: useful security tips.
  • Networks: links to social media.

Data processing

The Ertzaintza app does not store any personal data. To find the nearest police station and to shorten emergency response time, the app will optionally request data such as the user’s location or their phone number. This information is not stored, recorded or sent in any other case.