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Antiterrorismo - Ertzaintza - derechos humanos

The Ertzaintza and human rights

The Ertzaintza, a comprehensive police group supported by the Statute of Gernika (1979), is rooted in the Historical Rights and heir to a pioneering global legislation regarding detainee rights.

The Old Jurisdiction of Biscay (1452) states (1) that no authority has the right to torment any detainee, whatever the crime.

"There is no current law which contains mechanisms for defending freedom and human rights which may be comparable to the procedural safeguards that are stated in the Jurisdiction of Biscay". (2)

The Police Law of the Basque police institution, which has unquestionable jurisdictional roots, states that the essential mission of the Ertzaintza is to protect people and property and ensure the free exercise of their rights, freedoms and public safety throughout the territory of the Autonomous Community.

Double commitment of the Ertzaintza

  • The Ertzaintza ratifies its commitment to the fight against any type of imposition that resorts to violence, guaranteeing rights and freedoms.
  • It also assumes the obligation of respecting detainees as people, as individual beings subject to rights, whatever the reason for their arrest, guaranteeing the religious practices of the detainee in the terms protected by law.

(1) Law 12, Section 5 of the Biscay Jurisdiction states

(2) Adrián Celaya