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QMS monitoring mechanisms


    Each of the processes includes, in those points which have previously been determined to be critical, a number of checkpoints with immediate and direct supervision by the managers of the different centres. That is, they analyze those critical points which, by means of their periodic control, make it possible to guarantee the integrity of the process.

    The use of control plans allows identifying and solving any actions which do not comply with what is established in the internal regulations. These tables contain the percentage of compliance of the two processes carried out in police stations:


    Internal audits are a key tool to check “how healthy” the system is in the different processes implemented. They are conducted annually by experts who are independent from the audited unit.

    Below is a table with the results of the internal audits of the last five years for arrest processes as well as the action taken in domestic and gender violence cases. These tables show the percentage of compliance or conformity with the requirements of the system.






    To ensure in an effective and reliable manner that the quality management system of an organization operates in accordance with the principles of the ISO 9001 standard, it is necessary that a third independent and external party verifies its operation, detects any possible malfunctions and non-compliance and, in general, gives its approval to the organization by granting the ISO 9001 compliance certification.

    The Ertzaintza has entrusted AENOR with the task of auditing its operation according to ISO 9001 standard since the first certification in 2002 for the police station of Bilbao, which pioneered the implementation of this quality management system within the Ertzaintza.

    After it was extended to other stations of the Ertzaintza, in 2008 the compliance certification was granted for the rest of the processes of the Ertzaintza included within the scope. A periodical renewal has taken place every three years since then.

    Likewise, for the specific case of the Scientific Police, whose working methods involve the use of laboratories and precision equipment, another independent organization is required to certify that those facilities and equipment comply with the standard that regulates their quality and safety. At the Ertzaintza, the chosen accrediting authority is ENAC, the National Accreditation Body, to accredit in an impartial, accurate and reliable manner that their laboratories, equipment and staff comply with ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

    The Ertzaintza continuously conducts surveys to measure the level of satisfaction with respect to the services provided to the users in all their certified processes. Thus, the opinion of lawyers and arrestees is assessed in the arrest process and the satisfaction of the victims themselves is measured in the DV/GV process. The management of the satisfaction in the processes of the Explosives Disposal Unit and the Scientific Police Unit is measured through satisfaction surveys conducted with staff of other units that request their services.

    The surveys are always anonymous and voluntary, and the surveyed person can give their assessment and free opinion with regard to the various aspects included in each process.

    This is a key aspect in the continuous improvement systems, as the opinion of the end users of the services is a basic and fundamental aspect to ensure their improvement and increase their quality.

    To see the breakdown and results of the satisfaction surveys on the process relating to domestic violence and gender violence, click on the link below.

    Operational process in domestic violence and gender violence cases – Victim satisfaction

    In the operational process in domestic violence and/or gender violence cases, the anonymous and voluntary satisfaction surveys are conducted by staff outside the Ertzaintza who are professionally qualified to carry out this task by phone. The results of the surveys are entered in the computer system of the Ertzaintza, and the victims can provide their own reflections on aspects to be improved. These opinions are stored, studied and processed in an appropriate manner.

    These surveys are conducted with two groups of victims:

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