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Through these brief lines, we present the new Police Dictionary of the Ertzaintza, known by its acronym in Basque, EPH (Ertzaintzaren Polizia Hiztegia).

More than two decades have passed since the Department of Security began to take the first steps in the development of a multilingual database in the field of police terminology. Recently, we are working on a continuous renovation of the content and appearance of this database, and this is the result.

This new application maintains its original structure. The terms are offered in five languages (Basque, Spanish, English, French and German), and the dictionary includes both terms related to general police matters and specific concepts of our organization.

Terms marked with b are terms that have been revised recently, and its use is currently advised. Likewise, this application includes another novelty: along with the terms, their contexts are also shown, that is, real examples in which they have been used.



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