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With the aim of facilitating access to the information and services of the Ertzaintza portal, an RSS subscription service has been created for the information published from this entity.

Modern browsers, such as Opera, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, are already prepared to read RSS and even be able to subscribe to an RSS feed. Others like Chrome need to incorporate a reader. The best option is to have a specific program to act as an RSS reader.

Some examples of popular RSS readers are:

Feed Reader
RSS Reader


What is RSS? More information about RSS

What does RSS mean?

RSS ( Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary ), is an XML data structuring format that facilitates automated access to the information contained in a web site. Internet. This way of distributing content is called syndication. Its function is to show a summary or index with the contents that have been published on a site, without even having to enter it. With the use of an RSS reader (programs that allow you to read RSS feeds, feed readers ) or a browser that incorporates it, you will be able to obtain news from one or several sites in an agile and comfortable way. without having to visit them.

What is a feed?

A feed is a file that contains the data that you want to share through an RSS feed. They usually have an .rss , .rdf or .xml extension.

It is a small text file in XML format, hosted on the site's server that acts as a source of content. Within this file, the editors of the site place, in an orderly and structured way, the headlines and a short description of the content that they have published or that they consider to be of interest. In the more advanced versions, they can be accompanied by images or attached documents. By adding the sources of your favorite sites to a program designed to read them (RSS reader), you can stay informed of the news without having to make constant visits.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS channel is the link (through which data circulates) between our team and the site server that we use as a source of content. Often used as a synonym for feed ) of RSS.

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